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The Official MBA Guide is a public service available free of charge to all persons seeking MBA programs to which they can apply. It is designed to ensure the best possible match between the MBA program and the students applying for admission.

Our service is also free to universities that wish to promote their MBA making their program data available to prospective students.

The Official MBA Guide does not select schools for inclusion, nor does it reject schools that want to be included. All legitimate MBA programs are welcome. We do not interpret, judge, screen, edit, or change the data provided by the schools, nor do we state preferences or offer advice about any program. The inclusion or exclusion of any school or program does not imply a recommendation or judgment.

Background Information

The Official MBA Guide is a centralized information resource for recruiting MBA students, promoting MBA programs, and helping prospective students find their way to your MBA program. However, to be most effective, the data for your school must be kept current.

Dr. Martin Schatz, Dean Emeritus of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College, first published The Authoritative Guide to MBA Programs in print form in 1993. The Official MBA Guide evolved from this book, and was published on the World Wide Web in 1997. The Guide enabled users to search for MBA programs based on selected criteria and program characteristics. As the site was improved and enhanced, it has continued to be widely used by prospective MBA students. In 2008 a completely redesigned Official MBA Guide was launched, to provide many more services to all universities and to visitors.

Protecting Your School Information

To protect your school's data and prevent unauthorized persons from changing your school's information, a password is necessary. Passwords are issued to graduate business school administrators. If your university is already a member of the Official MBA Guide and you don't have your password, you can retrieve it from the login page or request it by email.

If your university is not yet a member of the Official MBA Guide, you may request a membership. You will receive instructions and password by e-mail.



Suggestions and Improvements

Would you like to see additional data included in the Official MBA Guide? Just click here and write to us. Your suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated.

You may request your membership and send your suggestions by e-mail. You may also write and send your membership payment to

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The Official MBA Guide publishes official information provided by university administrators. To ensure the information remains official, we do not edit or modify the data provided. If a university does not wish to provide data to the Official MBA Guide, we reserve the right to publish information about that university's MBA programs that is publicly available, such as information published by other services, and information in the web site, catalogs, or other materials published by the university. In that case, we label the record as UNOFFICIAL. Universities that request to be removed from the Official MBA Guide will be removed only if they request to be removed from all other services that publish their data.