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What Is BestMatch?

BestMatch is a free, non-profit online information resource designed to help you make better, fact-based choices about which MBA program to attend.

BestMatch offers a unique and necessary complement to rankings, using cutting-edge information design to creatively combine direct information on graduate business schools with detailed data about the social, economic and intellectual ecosystem that each of these schools has created. Choosing a business school is as much about becoming a part of this ecosystem as it is about what you study.

We help you learn about the ecosystem. We show you where alumni live and what it is like to live there. We show you what alumni do and whether they are happy doing it. We show you how schools handle their social platforms.

And we do it for over 450 schools in North America.

We are committed to enriching our offering to you every day through new data, new analysis and new functionality.

How BestMatch Works

School Information

Everything you need, from types of program to total cost of tuition to areas of emphasis, like finance, logistics, green technology or family businesses, is conveniently and effectively displayed all in one location, making keeping track of details easy.

Interactive Alumni Maps

Our unique maps display the school's location, as well as up to 10 cities with the largest concentrations of MBA alumni from that school. Information on lifestyle for each location is given, including the Walk Score®, a "Creativity Index" and, in many cases, research on job satisfaction, salary and how happy or stressed the alumni are.

Note: trying to scroll with the pointer over a map will result in zooming in. Be sure to move your pointer off the map to scroll.
Clicking on a circle on the map displays information about where the alumni of the school live. ×

Social Community

A business school's presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms is a unique reflection of the character of the school. We provide a custom social media mash-up that gives you a window into how the school views itself and how others in the ecosystem view it. If schools have little or no presence on social platforms, we will show you that too.

Led by urban theorist Richard Florida, The Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto is the world's leading think-tank on the role of sub-national factors -- location, place and city regions -- in global economic prosperity. The institute takes an integrated view of prosperity, looking beyond economic measures to include the importance of quality of place and the development of people's creative potential.

The Super-Creative Core occupations Creative Professional Occupations
Computer and Mathematical Management
Architecture and Engineers Business and financial operations
Life, physical, and social sciences Legal
Education, Training, and library Healthcare and Technical
Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media High-end Sales and sales Management

The Creative Class currently has over Over 40 million members, and makes up 30% of the current workforce in the U.S.