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Periodicals such as Business Week and Forbes publish yearly rankings of MBA programs they consider to be the best. They survey recruiters, school administrators, alumni, or graduating students to decide which school is number 1, number 2, and so on. While useful, these rankings include only well-known universities and omit many schools with excellent MBA programs. A university ranked "number one" may be best in finance but weak in the field of taxation, while the school with the best marketing program may be in a lower rank. No school can be best in all things. The school that is best for you may not be ranked in the popular press.

Most of the schools ranked high in the popular publications have some criteria in common, which you may rank with the Official MBA Guide Search & Rank function. To avoid the biases introduced by limiting the number of schools surveyed, and selecting survey criteria that may favor one school over another, we provide on the tabs above a number of separate rankings of all 1,100 universities in our database ranked against a single important criterion. Each of our rankings is based on a criterion that is a significant characteristic of the schools ranked high by various popular publications.

Registered users may customize rankings against a wide range of ranking and filtering criteria.