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Privacy Policy

The creators of the Official MBA Guide value and respect your privacy. Our privacy policy can be summed up in one sentence:

We protect your personal information and do not share it with anyone.

In more detail:

  • Cookies: We don't gather personal information about you while you browse. The web site uses a session cookie (deleted when you close your browser) to associate your browser session with your registered user account. A second cookie (lasting 6 months) is used only to remember the ID of the last person who logged into the Official MBA Guide from your computer. These cookies cannot be used for advertising or activity tracking. Your cookies merely allows the web site to show you information specific to your account — such as MBA program pages you have visited, schools you have contacted through the site, and other data pertaining to your account, which you can edit.
  • User account data: When you register for a free user account, you are asked to provide demographic data relevant to schools who may be interested in recruiting you as a student. Schools never see anything that identifies you personally. Schools have the ability to search the user database for demographic profiles, but not for personal information.
  • Visitor Activity: We never reveal to schools any names and addresses of registered visitors — although for pre-application requests, a school must have your postal address to reply. Schools may search the database of registered visitors, and view non-identifiable information about those who viewed the school's data, to assess visitors' interest in their MBA programs. Schools may also attempt to recruit visitors through limited email campaigns (see next item below).
  • Registered User E-mail Address: Your e-mail address is private. We never provide your address to schools or anyone else. Schools can contact you only through our anonymous e-mail campaign system — but not more than twice in a six-month period, and never after six months since your last login. Only you can provide your e-mail address to schools by writing to them. When sending a school a pre-application or data update request, you choose whether to reveal or hide your email address.
  • School Administrator E-mail Addresses: We ask schools to provide us with both private and public addresses for visitors to send inquiries. We don't disclose private addresses to anyone; we use them only to send administrative information and reports about data updates, search hits, page views, and necessary correspondence.
  • Javascript: The Official MBA Guide works well without Javascript, but offers an improved experience with Javascript enabled. Enabling Javascript on this web site is perfectly safe. We have implemented some minor Javascript capabilities for your convenience, for features such as expandable and collapsible lists of schools, checking and unchecking lists of regions on the Search & Rank page, and validation of form inputs.

That summarizes our policy. Any changes we make will be posted here.

Updated 29 December 2007