This page explains how to use the Official MBA Guide to find an MBA program that best fits your needs.

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About the Official MBA Guide...

This free public service contains detailed information about significant aspects of MBA programs. You can compare graduate schools and select the MBA program that best fits your needs and is most likely to provide the MBA education you want. The Guide contains MBA programs from universities and colleges from all parts of the world.

accrediting agencies, and non-accredited schools.

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Information for MBA Program Administrators and Recruiters

The information you find here is provided by the schools themselves, therefore it is official. The Official MBA Guide offers different methods for obtaining a list of MBA programs on which you can click to see detailed information:

Find the MBA Program That Best Fits Your Needs

  • The Search by Ranking Criteria feature is a powerful tool that lets you define search criteria and ranking attributes. You can use this tool in four ways:
    1. Examine the database. Use Part 1 of the form to select
      • the entire data base of schools or schools in a specific geographic region of the world.
      • any of five types of programs, e.g. full-time, part-time, executive.
      • all or any one of many specific concentration, e.g. taxation, aviation management.
      • schools offering joint degrees, e.g. business/law, business/nursing.
    2. Rank schools on program characteristics. Use Part 2 of the form (ranking) to
      • assign weights to academic attributes most important to you.
      • obtain a list of all schools that satisfy the selected attributes.
      • see how schools rank based on a score obtained from your selected weights.
    3. Screen programs by preferred criteria. Use Part 3 of the form (filtering) to
      • indicate your preference for program criteria, e.g. size, cost, housing.
      • obtain a list of schools that best satisfy your criteria.
      • further filter the ranking from part 2.
      • see the percentage of your preferences that are satisfied.
    4. Rank and Screen Combinations: You can assign weights to programs characteristics and specify preferences for screening programs. The Official MBA Guide will filter the schools through your combination of weights and screens and array them in rank order for you.
  • Keyword Search: Submit a word or combination of words for use in searching the database. The Official MBA Guide scans the database and displays MBA programs that contain your key words. Your keyword can be the name of a company that interviews graduates, a program concentration, the name of a school, or any other item of interest to you.
  • View any MBA program by selecting a school from an alphabetic or regional list of all schools in the database. Clicking on the MBA program name gives you access to all data reported by the school.
  • Resource links can lead you to informative articles about MBA education, information about the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), other graduate degrees, financial aid, advice on getting accepted into a program, and other MBA sites.

The results of the searching and ranking processes are not meant to imply anything about the quality or reputation of the MBA programs. The ranks produced from your weights and selections of criteria are merely reports of how the schools compare on the attributes you choose. If an attribute happens to be important to you, only then should a difference in scores between two schools be perceived as relevant.

The Ranking search displays only those schools that meet all of your specified requirements. A large selection of criteria will result in a shorter list of schools that meet those criteria. Therefore, any ranking or screening should start with only the most important requirements. The list of schools can then be narrowed down in subsequent searches, after the schools that meet your most critical requirements have been identified.

Recognizing that there is great diversity among MBA programs, and a wide range of expectations among prospective students, it is our hope that this service will allow the MBA candidate to become a more enlightened consumer. Although there may not be one "best" school for each student, some schools are probably better than others in meeting your needs. We hope the Official MBA Guide will help you find the school of your choice.

The Official MBA Guide does not select schools for inclusion, nor does it reject schools that want to be included. It is up to individual schools to decide whether or not they want their programs included in the Guide. The Official MBA Guide does not interpret, judge, screen, edit, or change the data provided by the schools, nor does it state preferences or offer advice or suggestions about any program. The inclusion or exclusion of any school or program does not imply a recommendation or judgement. The data in the Official MBA Guide are provided by the schools and we can offer no warranty, expressed or implied, about their accuracy or completeness.